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Clean Out Your Soul Clutter With Tracey Tiernan

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February 15, 2022

Clutter. It means to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness.

Do you have clutter?  

Like the dining room table that you can’t dine at, because it’s buried under work, the kids homework, mail, amazon boxes. Physical clutter gets in the way of our living spaces, our work spaces, our car spaces, our purse spaces, and so much more. 

I used to have so much stuff in my purse that I didn’t realize…the lining had ripped and items were falling inside of it. I once found an orange that had been hiding inside the lining of my purse for… I don’t know how long…but it was long enough that the orange shrunk and petrified. Literally, it was as hard as a rock.  

Clutter makes it hard to find the stuff you actually need, it makes it hard to focus, and it can steal your peace. Am I up in your business yet?

We are familiar with regular clutter, but what about soul clutter?

Soul clutter is when this scattered, disordered array of stuff is internal. It’s destructive or distracting thoughts and attitudes. It’s meaningless pursuits that are blocking, restricting, and impeding our peace. These unnecessary pursuits eventually take up space in our minds and emotions.  

Soul clutter keeps us from being able to identify our true longings and get what we really need. It keeps us from being able to focus and prioritize.  

It keeps us from seeing and cleaning the real source of the dirt: the sin in our lives.  

It can result in us settling and soothing ourselves rather than learning and growing.

Soul Clutter can be an accumulation of unresolved piles of pain from our past that is buried inside us like a mine field. All is quiet until something or someone steps on the wrong place and all of a sudden, you have a reaction that you don’t even comprehend.  

Do you want to purge some of that stuff with me? To begin the process of purging our soul clutter, we need to first identify what fits our souls and what doesn’t. Kinda like cleaning out your closet. Yikes.  

Fasten your seatbelts. Marie Kondo has nothing on us. We can do this.  

The first step? Press play below. Oh, and remember to subscribe and follow Your Day Brighter® Podcast on your podcast platform of choice. I’m so glad we get to do this together!  


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