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Chris Pratt Raves About Blessing Offor On The Drew Barrymore Show

Chris Pratt sitting in a chair talking on the Drew Barrymore Show
April 12, 2023

You may have heard talented artists Zach Williams and Blessing Offor when listening to BRIGHT-FM. They might even be some of your favorite musicians with their individual hits like Heart of God and Believe, but did you know they are also loved by award-winning actor Chris Pratt?

The Guardians of the Galaxy star recently made an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show where he mentioned a concert he saw starring Zach Williams featuring Blessing Offor. Pratt gushed over the two artists, and he specifically mentioned the skill and stage presence of Blessing Offor when Zach Williams brought him out to play piano during the show. He even discussed how he wanted to channel Blessing’s confidence as he took the stage on Drew Barrymore’s talkshow.

After the interview, Blessing Offor caught wind of Pratt’s kind comments and posted a TiKTok of him reacting to the story. His caption to the video shows the excitement he felt seeing one of his favorite actors shower him with compliments: “Y’all, Chris Pratt… almost… knows who I am! πŸ˜‚ My parks and rec loving heart is exploding! Think we can get this to him?! Share!”

In the end, Pratt encouraged the audience to go see the concert for themselves saying, “The point is…go see Zach Williams and Blessing Offor.”

How cool is that? Check out the TikTok below featuring Chris Pratt’s story in full, along with Blessing Offor’s reaction; and if you can’t go see the concert in person, you can still jam out to their songs by streaming BRIGHT-FM.


Y’all, Chris Pratt… almost… Knows who I am! πŸ˜‚ My parks and rec loving heart is exploding! think we can get this to him?! Share!

♬ original sound – Blessing Offor

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