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Cheez-Its For Breakfast

Close-up of a pile of Cheez Its
June 9, 2020
Caroline Burk

There are days I wake up ready to take on the day: I make a healthy breakfast, spend some time with Jesus, and then get to work.

Then there are other days… The days when I roll out of bed in a foul mood, snap at the first person I see, and eat whatever junk food catches my eye. Today, I actually had a bunch of Cheez-Its for breakfast. Not my healthiest moment, but bon appétit, right?

The point of me exposing my 7:30 AM Cheez-It fiasco is to remind you that not every day is going to be your day. Some days come easier than others and when we do happen to have an off day, we might be hard on ourselves. Personally, when one of these days comes along, I often beat myself up for not being able to will myself out of my bad mood and towards the perfection I deem necessary.

What if instead of putting ourselves in a mental time-out for our rotten attitude, we actually took our negative thoughts as a signal that we need help?

God knows we face burnout. And He knows we can’t always snap ourselves out of it. I think God sometimes brings us to burnout so we are reminded of our constant need for Him. This doesn’t mean you have to throw yourself into a two-hour long Bible study whenever you feel depleted. I’ve learned that taking a moment just to relax in the presence of God can be enough to reset myself, whether it be praying, focusing on a Bible verse, or listening to worship music. Overall, the point is to remind yourself of what and Who is most important.

Maybe you’re in a season of burnout. All that is going on in the world might have you feeling paralyzed or frantically trying to fix it all. But remember, when our cups are empty, we won’t be able to fill anyone else’s.

Let’s be reminded that sometimes we have to show ourselves grace, eat some Cheez-Its for breakfast, and let God refill us so we can do the good work He has planned.

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