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Check This Out: Extremely Lifelike LEGO Animal Sculptures!

August 18, 2020

Just like most other businesses, the San Antonio Zoo had to shut down for a little while due to the coronavirus. But they didn’t let that slow them down.

They used that time to bring an awesome new attraction into the zoo: lifelike LEGO animal sculptures!

The zoo brought in Sean Kenney, a well-known LEGO artist, to create the sculptures.

It took him three million LEGOS and hundreds of hours to finish the project.

The zoo is back open, and visitors can still see the real life animals, of course.

But the LEGO sculptures add a whole new layer to the experience.

I really love the little details, like the tiny LEGO birds on this bird feeder.

But the big sculptures are pretty cool, too.

Which one’s you’re favorite?


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