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Bride Shares “First Look” With Her Kindergarten Class

June 11, 2020

This is Kelsey. Until recently, Kelsey was known to her Kindergarten students as Miss Smith. But now, she’s Miss Moeller, because as you can see, she just got married!

Kelsey loves her students so much that she wanted to share a special “first look” with them before her wedding. And they were the very first! They saw Kelsey in her dress before her dad and before her soon-to-be husband.

They were pretty excited about it!

Kelsey’s mom, a substitute teacher in the school district, even set up a day to sub for Kelsey’s class so they could make a gift for her. It’s a white dress with drawings from all her students on it.

These photos hold even more significance for all of them now. Two weeks after the first look, schools closed due to COVID-19.

What a special moment that they’ll all remember forever!


All photos courtesy of Flying Pig Photography. Check out more on Facebook.

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