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Molly’s Minute: Be The Leper Who Turned Back

April 26, 2023

In the book of Luke, chapter 17, Jesus encounters ten people with leprosy.

Seeing Jesus walk by and knowing what he can do, these ten people ask Jesus to heal them

And Jesus, being full of kindness, does just that. He tells them to go and speak to their Jewish priests, and on the way, they realize that Jesus has made them well.

Nine of these former lepers simply take their health and go on their way. But one chooses to turn back.

He walks all the way back to Jesus, praising God on the way. He falls at Jesus’ feet and tells him how grateful he is for what Jesus has done. 

It is so easy to ask for something, receive it, and just keep going. To get on with life, and maybe even start asking for the next thing.

But our God, who has given us blessings upon blessings, deserves our praise and our thankfulness.

So today, let’s not be like the nine lepers who received what they wanted and went on their way. Let’s be like the one who turned back. And let’s thank God for everything He has been kind enough to give us.

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