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Australian Bushfires: How Can You Help?

Koala resting in a tree
January 13, 2020
Caroline Burk

The past few weeks, your news outlets and social feeds have most likely been filled with content about the wildfires that are devastating Australia. Bushfires in the continent began burning in September due to an intense drought and prolonged high temperatures, but over the past two weeks, the fires have only intensified.  

Over 6 million acres of forests and parks have been burned, at least 25 people have died, and nearly half a billion animals and wildlife have been affected (with millions potentially dead) due to the fires. 

The stories and images being circulated are heart breaking and leading many people to ask, “what can I do?” 

Thanks to Hope 103.2, a Christian radio station in New South Wales, we have compiled a list of ways you can help put an end to the fires and aid the recovery effort in Australia: 

  1. Samaritans Purse  or Red Cross 
    Organizations like Samaritans Purse and the Red Cross are full of amazing volunteers who are reconnecting loved ones, comforting people, and administering first aid to the victims of the bushfires. Donations are encouraged in order to help provide supplies for all of these efforts. 
  2. NSW Fire Brigade 
    Donations to NSW Rural Fire Service go directly to aid those who are risking their lives putting out these devastating fires. Equipment, training, and maintenance are some of the ways money is being used to help responders. 
  3. WIRES (NSW’s Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) 
    Experts estimate that as many as one billion animals could be affected by these fires. Koalas alone have lost one third of their NSW population. For these reasons, animal rescue and recovery organizations are in desperate need of donations. 
  4. Hillsong Global Bushfire Appeal 
    Hillsong’s very own Brooke Ligertwood urges people to contribute donations “100% of which will go directly to volunteer firefighters across the country and supporting families directly affected by the fires. Any gift is greatly appreciated. And regardless of whether you’re able to donate or not, please please pray.” 

You can find more ways to help and donate here. 

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