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Anne Wilson’s “My Jesus”… Is My Jesus, Too

November 9, 2022

No one knew she could sing like that. After the sudden and tragic loss of her brother, Anne Wilson knew she needed to worship and spend time in the presence of God.

She went to the piano in her family’s home and sang her heart out to Jesus. It was this private moment that was overheard by her stunned mom who said, “Anne… I had no idea you could sing like that”.  

No one knew. Even Anne herself didn’t realize the tremendous gift God had given her in music because she had other plans for her life.  But moments like these, can be God’s way of leading us down the path He had for us all along.  

Join me for an unforgettable conversation with an unforgettable person, singer-songwriter, and new author: Anne Wilson.

Her story is amazing, but not as amazing as the God she’s singing for.  

She’s my guest on Your Day Brighter® and you’re going to love her!  I pray this conversation will deeply encourage you… and just like He did with Anne, God can take us from heartache to hope. 


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