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Angie’s Incredible Testimony

Angie standing on stage at Helping Up Mission and smiling while holding her graduation certificate
November 15, 2022

Meet Angela Lloyd, lovingly known as Angie.

She has been one of the first to participate in Helping Up Mission’s Women’s Spiritual Recovery Program, and last Friday, she graduated.

When Angie arrived at Helping Up Mission, she was just in search of a warm, safe place to sleep…but like He always does, God provided exceedingly and abundantly for Angie and gave her a testimony like no other.

Not only did she find a bed and warm meals, but she was also welcomed home to a place full of people who would love her and walk alongside her as she broke free from a life of addiction.

God’s hand is miraculously evident in Angie’s story and His presence was palpable at her graduation. The celebration of Angie’s graduation took place at Helping Up Mission’s Center for Women & Children in Baltimore City, and it was truly a time of rejoicing.

The ceremony featured impactful messages from Helping Up Mission’s staff, the incredibly talented choir made up of women currently in the Spiritual Recovery Program, and so much joy from people cheering Angie on.

The best part of the entire graduation, however, was hearing from Angie herself as she shared how God used Helping Up Mission to transform her life. You can watch Angie’s speech below as she shares how God brought her out of a life of addiction, reunited her with her children, and gave her an amazing community and sisterhood through Helping Up Mission.

Helping Up Mission is being used by God in huge ways to help men and women facing poverty, addiction, and homelessness. You can read more about their mission, testimonies, and how you can help on the Helping Up Mission website.

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