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A Valentine’s Day Message From Tracey

safe way store filled with flowers and balloons for valentine's day
February 14, 2022

Safeway was hopping last night. Men of all ages were swarming the florist section.

Seriously, it was like walking into a men’s retreat; I am a romantic at heart – so my interpretation of what I saw was not that these guys were just putting the moves on their girls for a temporary and easy way to gain points.

No… they were taking their time. They were even enjoying the process. It warmed my heart to see these guys smiling as they read 17 cards to find the right one, picking up various bouquets and examining them like my mom would examine a tomato, even connecting with each other in the process.

I watched and silently cheered them on. I wondered how many were romancing their wife of 10 years and how many were just starting to date that special someone. I wondered how many of them were shopping for their mom. I just loved that they were here, preparing for the next day’s events, daring to step into a holiday all about love, and being thoughtful about who they were shopping for.

Watching them made me happy. In this chaotic world, life can be such a struggle, but the beauty of an intentional effort to express love, no matter how clumsy it comes out sometimes, is endearing.

So, a few thoughts…give some affirmation to those who are trying this holiday. It’s a vulnerable thing to put yourself out there.

Then this… I pray that wherever you are with this holiday….shopping or sitting this one out, blissfully in love, nursing a hurting heart, indifferent to the whole thing, or somewhere in between…

I pray you would know that you are deeply, uniquely, sacrificially LOVED by a God who made the first move and hasn’t stopped.

“We love because he first loved us.” -1 John 4:19

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