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A Promise More Powerful Than Purell

woman wearing a black long-sleeved shirt holding Lysol wipes, bleach, and hand sanitizer
March 19, 2020
Caroline Burk

“He will keep you safe from all hidden dangers
    and from all deadly diseases.
He will cover you with his wings;
    you will be safe in his care;
    his faithfulness will protect and defend you.”
– Psalm 91:3-4

The verse above seems extremely relevant to the world’s situation right now, doesn’t it?

So then why are we all filled with fear? Why do we forget so quickly these truths that God has given us to cling to?

It’s our human instinct to go into survival mode during times like this, rushing out to buy milk and toilet paper. Unfortunately, when we go into this survival mode, we also tend to slip into self-reliance and doubt that God is still in control.

Another verse can serve as a catalyst for encouragement when our souls begin to doubt.

Matthew 24:35 says Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” This means that the promises and assurances that God gave his people thousands of years ago in the Bible still ring true today.

More specifically, the promise that God will save us in the midst of disease and danger is STILL TRUE.

We have no reason to fear when we know that God is going before us and he promises that we will be “safe in his care.”

That is a comfort that no roll of toilet paper or drop of hand sanitizer could ever bring.

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