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A Prayer For The Morning After Tragedy

black and white photo of hands clasped together praying over a Bible that it set on a wooden table
May 16, 2022
Todd Gaddy

Dear God,

Everybody hates the song, but we can’t seem to find the pause button.

It’s the morning after. Again. And another nagging sense that things are frayed at a level way beyond cosmetic.

Surely we’ve reached our “Why?” quota, haven’t we?

But still, we pray.

For those outside. May the forced contemplation of unthinkable things be interrupted by fear-conquering love. 

For those closest. May today somehow include a peace that runs faster and farther than understanding.

And for those responding. May uncommon wisdom and necessary strength match their staggering task.

We want justice. We want answers. But if all we get right now is the sense that even in the mess, You’re real and close by, that’s OK. Because that’s what we need.

We look forward to hearing from You. Thank You.

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