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A New Way To Exercise: Worship While You Work Out

February 15, 2022
Body & Soul® Fitness

This post is presented by Body & Soul® Fitness, courtesy of The Reynold’s Team.

At Body & Soul® Fitness we prioritize exercise safety which includes stretching both before and after working out. In today’s Power Strength™ workout, you need a set of weights as we focus on squats, specifically targeting the quadriceps muscles. This muscle group can be stretched several different ways, including the dynamic hamstring curl as demonstrated. Squats are categorized as a functional exercise, meaning they train the body for activities performed in daily life. When squatting, remember to keep your body weight in your heels rather than your toes, and your knees slightly behind your toes. This keeps your weight off your knees, ensuring a safer, more functional squat. For more fitness tips, check out our “Tutorials” board on Pinterest. Discover A New Way To Workout

Now, as you complete this functional squat workout and stretch your quadriceps, turn your attention to the song in the video, “Amazing Grace” by Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music. If you dig into the meaning of “amazing” by conducting a word study, you will discover synonyms such as multitude, astonishing, incredible, and marvelous. As you consider these descriptive words, pair them with God’s grace and meditate on what God’s grace truly means.

Grace is defined as unmerited favor which is an undeserving free gift that cannot be earned. The essence of God’s grace can be seen in a familiar acrostic – God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. When we commit our lives to God, asking for forgiveness of our sins and living according to His will, we receive this gift of grace through Jesus’ selfless death on the cross. Ephesians 2:8-9 states, “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

Nothing compares to the undeserved, free gift of God’s amazing grace! Yet, we want to bless you with a free gift to dive deeper into God’s grace and your fitness journey. Click here to receive Body & Soul® Fitness’ FitTV™ FREE for 30 days! Or visit our YouTube channel for dozens of FREE single-song workout routines! We care about more than just your body. We also care about your soul. On our shop website, you can find four FREE digital devotionals, including one linked here.

After working out with us to “Amazing Grace” by Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music, we invite you to meditate on the song’s lyrics. In order to partner with you, here are a few questions to answer as you dive deeper in your understanding of Gods amazing grace:

1. What amazes you?

2. What does grace mean to you in general?

3. What does God’s grace mean to you? How have you seen it in your own life?

4. How does understanding the word “amazing” impact how you appreciate God’s amazing grace?

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