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A Holy Moment of Realization

September 18, 2020

I missed being a mom. I never had or raised any children and sometimes, my heart just aches with that void. Voids like that, or holes in our hearts as I call them, can lead us down a dark path of self-loathing and self- pity if we don’t know what to do with them. I have learned and I am still learning, for every hole in my heart, God has a truth about WHO He is to sustain me. I take these holes to the Lord and He shows me through observation, how He loves us as our Perfect Parent.

So.. I was on vacation in a sleepy beach town, just driving around and people-watching. I saw many families out together, walking, playing, kids skipping along the sidewalk, oblivious to the problems in the world. I saw a mom scooping up her little girl who took a spill on her scooter. I feel that familiar ache in my heart wishing I had a little one I could scoop up and comfort.

And then I see a precious little boy and his dad. The boy was about 5 years old riding his two-wheeler bike down the sidewalk. It looked like it could have been a new experience for him. Maybe because his dad was running closely alongside him or maybe because of the very determined look on his little face, I could just tell this was an important moment for both of them.

I followed their progress from in my car because I couldn’t help myself. And then it overtook me. Yes, the little boy was adorable and captured my heart watching him work so hard at riding his bike. But the dad… he was doing the real work. He jogged alongside his son, then would drop behind him to let him feel like he was on his own, then he’d run and catch up close to him again and sometimes even run ahead to be the look-out for what was coming up along the route. The dad was all over the place, keeping watch, giving instruction, allowing freedom, staying close but never in the way. The dad was the star of this ride but he let the son feel like it was his accomplishment.

And I don’t think he ever stopped smiling the whole time. He delighted in being there with his son.

This is how God loves us. He knows how to give us a push, come alongside, show us what to do, and get out of the way so we can try and grow up. He never leaves us. He never forgets where we are and He always knows what we need the most.

And so… the hole in my heart was filled that day by a dad and his little boy on his bike, but mostly by my Heavenly Father, who is and always has been, the Star of my ride.

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