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A Divine Encounter At Dunkin’

rows of assorting donuts; some glazed, chocolate frosted, and strawberry frosting
May 16, 2022

I didn’t expect that honest answer.

I asked the man at the Dunkin’ counter… “how are you? I was expecting the usual obligatory “good” or “fine.” Instead, he said “I’m not doing good today.”

I was caught off-guard. I leaned in. “I’m sorry,” I said. “What’s going on?” He told me, “I’ve been working 14 days straight. I wasn’t supposed to be here today. I stopped in just to help her out for an hour, but the other two employees didn’t show up. I just need a break.”

I locked eyes with this man and asked…”What’s your name?” He told me it was John. I told him: “John, I want to encourage you that God sent me here to tell you that while you feel exhausted and unappreciated, He sees you. He knows how hard you’re working. He knows, John.

“I know,” he said a bit emotionally. “But I just need a break.”

I left him with these words: “Hang in there. God is going to strengthen you. And you will get that break you need. But for now, rest in Him.”

While this conversation was happening, a long line was forming behind me at the counter. I can’t explain the intensity I felt in that moment. My eyes filled with tears. It was like the Lord was not only giving me His heart for this man, but was also giving me His heart for everyone who is just so tired and needs to know that it matters to someone. It matters. He sees. He knows how hard you work and how tired you are.

I want to remind you today that you are seen, and loved, and God is going to bring you that rest. May He refresh you today and give you rest that no schedule can steal away from you.

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