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A Christian’s Reputation: Confirm It or Change It

small black dog with blue collar standing outside white window on front porch
August 11, 2020

This is Louis.

He knows our house as the house with the treats.

The wonderful folks that lived here before us, Al and Linda, had a reputation for being…kind, generous, hospitable and just all around wonderful. And – for giving canine visitors treats.

And so Louis is not the first visitor of his kind that has seemed very familiar with our house. So far, I’ve counted 4 dogs in the neighborhood that are unashamedly expectant when they come by our house. They have come to know…this is the house where they give you good stuff.

You know what? I like it.

We have unknowingly inherited the generous reputation of the folks that lived here before. And we can choose to build on that relationship and perception, or not.

As a Jesus follower, I’ve inherited someone else’s reputation in the world. Others that have claimed His Name have gone before me and given an impression of what we are all like. Sometimes it breaks my heart to hear what people think about us. Other times, I’m so incredibly inspired by the brave, selfless, extravagant love that has been modeled for us by people who follow Jesus.

As we go out in the world, we never know what kind of reputation has shaped how others see us but we can choose if we want to confirm it or change it. I want to be seen as someone people can be expectant with. Expect kindness, expect grace, expect generosity.

Just like here in our new home, our new neighborhood…we’ve stepped into a reputation that I want to keep going. We’ll start with confirming that indeed we are “the house with the treats.”

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