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9 Year Old MJ Believes You’re Going To Be Okay

bright yellow card with red marker that has written you're going to be okay with a cross below it also in red
June 23, 2021

Do you ever see or hear the simple faith of a child, and it stops in your tracks? Moments like that are humbling, amazing, and make us wonder why we complicate our faith.

The faith of 9 year old MJ Venekamp made us stop and simply appreciate her boldness in sharing her faith and her desire to see someone who is hurting come to know the Lord.

MJ’s mom, Mikki, wrote to us saying, “I want to share with you how your radio station has impacted my 9 year old daughter, MJ. We went to the library, and the librarian asked my daughter if she would like to draw a kindness card for one of the local senior centers.”

MJ said said, “Yes,” and she got to work, lovingly creating a message she hoped would lift up one of the seniors. On the outside of the card, she writes, “You’re Going To Be Okay.” But her message on the inside – wow.

“For anyone who is experiencing pain, for anyone who feels alone, know that there’s a God out there who knows what you’re feeling, and that He wants to help you.Hi. I’m MJ, and the God you seek is Jesus Christ, the son of God, the one and only God who gives us hope and faith, and who makes us saved.You will be saved and live forever if you read His word the Bible and accept Him as your God. And me, I got baptized on June 20th, 2021, and I know I don’t have to be baptized to be saved, but it’s a way to show others we are lonely sheep, and Jesus is our shepherd.’He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.’ – Psalm 23:2I recommend listening to ‘Help Is On The Way’ or BRIGHT-FM. “

“We are proud of her and her heart for Jesus,” Mikki proudly shares. But even more than being proud of her daughter, Mikki and MJ want others to receive and believe the message her daughter shared. “I hope this encourages and brings hope to others.”

If you’re hurting today, we hope the words from 9 year old MJ comfort you. There is a God who loves you, knows you, and wants to help you. You can take your hurt to Him and let Him begin to heal you. Help is on the way.

PS – want to listen to MJ’s music recommendations? You can listen to TobyMac’s song, “Help Is On The Way” here, and you can listen to BRIGHT-FM on your radio, online, on the app, or on your smart speaker.

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