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5 Questions College Students Get Asked During The Holidays

friends at a Christmas party
December 9, 2019
Caroline Burk

I am already gearing up for the holiday season. I am excited to immerse myself in a world full of home-cooked meals and no homework. As a student, every holiday means a glorious break from classes, filled with endless amounts of cookies, reuniting with friends, and my personal favorite – naps.

The holidays also involve countless family parties. While I love catching up with my family during this time of year, I always get asked the same questions at every holiday gathering. Year after year, I hear the same questions about school and give the same answers. Basically, what I am trying to say is that if I had a dollar for every time I heard one of these questions about college, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying my tuition!

How is school going?
This is probably the most popular question that I get asked! Whenever I step into a family gathering, I have no doubt that every aunt, uncle, and cousin will approach me and say “So, tell me about school.” I even have a rehearsed response I give whenever this question pops ups. Be warned, though. If it’s finals week at school, I may or may not start to cry a little.


What are you studying?
When someone finds out that I’m a college student, this is the very first thing I get asked. I love my major, so this is my personal favorite. I could go on and on about my classes and what I’m studying. However, the one downside is that this topic usually leads into the dreaded “so how are your grades?” Typically, I don’t mind chatting about my classes and grades. But if things are going south at that point in the semester, I will resort to stuffing my face with mashed potatoes or pie to avoid answering at all costs.


What are your plans for the future?
*GASP* Graduation, job, the real world… oh my! As a college student, I hope I am not alone in saying that this question scares me. I don’t even know what I am going to eat for dinner, let alone what the future holds. Most of the time when a relative asks me this, my first instinct is to pick up the turkey or ham with my bare hands and throw it out the window just to change the subject.


Are you dating anyone?
Oh man, this question. There is no telling what reaction you will get from me. Just brace yourself for anything from waterworks to angry rants, or even awkward silences. Any one of the three are possible and equally uncomfortable at a family party. Personally, I get this question every time I see my relatives, so I’ve become a pro at dodging it


Are you happy to be home?
Despite the predictable questions, there is never any hesitation when I say that I am happy to be home. Home for any holiday means no school, family time, and eating tons of home-cooked meals and cookies. Deep down I don’t mind all the questions because I’m just so happy to be free from school and celebrating with my extremely nosey, but also extremely awesome family.


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