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4 Practical & Biblical Ways To Give Thanks To God

person standing on a mountain looking out above the clouds with arms stretched out to his sides
December 21, 2021
Steven Price

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    His love endures forever.”
– 1 Chronicles 16:34

1 Chronicles 16:34 gives us clear instructions to give God our thanks. But have you ever felt like a “thank you” to God feels like it’s coming up short of expressing your true appreciation for everything the Lord has done for you?

If we look at the entire chapter of where this verse comes from, it actually provides a great framework we can use to show God how thankful we really are. In verses 7 through 36 of 1 Chronicles chapter 2, we find “David’s Song of Praise;” and this passage of Scripture shows us four critical ways that we can express our gratitude to God.

  1. Remember what He has done and all the times He made a way when it felt like there was no way.
  2. Tell others about it. When God provides for us, we should brag about Him! We never know when God might be using our answered prayers to answer prayers for another one of His children.
  3. Share the Gospel. A great way to show God our thanks is to be obedient to His call for all believers to share His life-saving message. As followers of Jesus Christ, we have the cure to death; Let’s get out there and share it!
  4. Offer yourself as a living sacrifice. We can give God our time, our energy, and our resources. He is delighted when we give back to Him, no matter how big or small.

When we stop for a moment to look around and realize all God has done for us, that old phrase “actions speak louder than words,” will unfold right before our eyes as we use these four steps to give our Lord praise.

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