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3 Truths For You From The Shortest Verse In The Bible

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November 15, 2021
Caroline Burk

Do you know the shortest verse in the Bible? It’s from John 11:35 and it reads “Jesus wept.”

Pretty straight-forward right? This verse is Jesus’ response to Mary and Martha taking Him to see Lazarus’ dead body. It’s clear Jesus loved Lazarus and it hurt Him to see the sadness of his sisters, Mary and Martha.

Here’s the thing, though… Jesus knew the ending of the story.

He knew from the beginning that He would bring Lazarus back to life (Read the full story in John 11). So why did Jesus cry?

Jesus might have known that it all would work out, but it didn’t stop Him from feeling the weight of the moment. The important part, however, is that Jesus didn’t let His emotions overrule what He knew from God to be true.

Jesus understands our sorrow, and every other emotion because He was fully man. Not only does He understand it, but He lived it and it hurts Him to see us hurt. Let this short, but powerful verse, be a reminder of these three things to you:

  1. Jesus understands and sympathizes with our suffering.
  2. Jesus felt the emotion but didn’t let it control HIm. We should do the same.
  3. Jesus knows how your story ends and He won’t leave you in your suffering.

If times are tough right now, don’t be afraid to be honest about your burdens, but also take heart in the fact that God will NOT leave you there.

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