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Program Guide

Tracey and Mike

Tracey & Mike

Weekdays, 6am-9am

Tracey and Mike have encouraging conversation and great music to kick start your morning. Get caught up with the day’s news and weather, plus traffic reports to help navigate the ride in.

Tracey Tiernan

Tracey Tiernan

Weekdays, 9am – 10am

Warm. Caring. Friendly. Empathetic. Great listener. Those are all words that perfectly reflect who Tracey is. Get to know Tracey weekdays, 9am – 10 am!

Christina James

Christina James

Weekdays, 10am – 3pm

Christina’s a conversationalist with both people and God, who happens to use a microphone from time to time to make that happen.

Jack and Molly

Jack & Molly

Weekdays, 3pm – 7pm

Jack and Molly are here to have a little fun and point you to Jesus! Come back every weekday afternoon to hear amazing music, Jack’s funny stories and “Molly’s Minute,” 60 seconds of encouragement just for you!

Brant and Sherrif

Brant & Sherri

Weekdays, 7pm – 11:59pm

He’s a self-professed nerdy guy who does not know it all. She can find the humor in everything. When it comes to Brant and Sherri, there is only one rule: Everyone is welcome!


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