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Outside Call Center – During

AGENT: Smile and be cheerful! Take great care with spelling and credit card numbers.

Thank you for calling! Would you like to give to BRIGHT-FM today?
Wonderful! Will you be giving by credit card?
  • If YES or Debit card proceed to YOUR BEST GIFT and enter gift and donor info below & click “Credit / Debit Card” under Payment details
    • If NO, they want to give by CHECK, say:
    Of course! We can either send you a letter with an envelope to mail the check, or if you have your bank’s routing information, we can set it up now to come directly from your bank.
  • For mailing a check, click box to the RIGHT “GIVING BY CHECK”
  • For direct debit from bank, proceed to YOUR BEST GIFT and enter gift and donor info below & click “Bank Account” under Payment Method
  • What amount will you be giving?
    Thank you so much! Now let me get your information.
    (Take all info VERY carefully, be accurate! Do not hang up until donation has gone through.)

    REMINDERS, if asked:  

    • Callers might want to honor people w/their gifts. Be sure to put these details into the COMMENT box at the bottom of the payment section 
    • If a caller wants to make a change to an EXISTING monthly gift, or has another question that is atypical, use the “Call Center Problem Form” button to the right. 
    • Monthly recurring gifts continue until you contact us to cancel. The information for canceling will be in your email confirmation of gift. 
    • A Stand in the Gap gift is $500 or more.   
    • Historically, a “Partner” has been someone who gives either $30/month or $360 one-time donation, but anyone who gives is a partner!  
    • Some callers will be in a hurry to make an on-air challenge. If asked, “Am I going to make the challenge?” say “Absolutely yes! Let’s jump right in!” & proceed. 
    Call Center Problem Form
    Return to Giving Page

    Once you’ve completed the donation, this will take you back to the main giving page for the next donation.

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