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Free Movie: Fragments of Truth

Event Details:

September 18, 2021
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Free Movie! Is the Bible True?

Is the Bible mythology or is it the actual word of God? Can we trust the Bible? In our modern age, many scholars and scientist say, “NO” or they say, it’s only good for SOME moral teachings. However, is the Bible more than a moral guidebook that, like Greek Mythology, uses ancient fables and made-up stories to teach moral truths?

Join us for a FREE movie where you will learn the facts about the reliability of the Bible.  Come learn from leading scholars from thie award winning documentary about the real issues behind the biblical manuscripts. Afterwards, ask the hard questions and learn for yourself if the Bible is mythology or the actual Word of God.

Movie Trailer: Fragments of Truth – Official Trailer

Contact:  Fuller Ming Jr. 

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